10 Confessions of a Preoccupied Momma (Shh… Don’t Tell!)

My own, personal blacklist of things that I allow/do/encourage, that are most likely unacceptable by all good people, but I'm just too tired, preoccupied, or busy to care


Kids Are So Annoying.

8 extremely valid ways that our kids annoy us: Kids are so annoying. We all know it because they remind every day in 100 different ways. They drive us crazy, but let’s face it… We would choose it over and over again. We will wake up one day and find that we aren’t so annoyed anymore, but boy- we’d love to go back to those days.

Knocking Down Giants

This is my time, and the tired side of me actually wants to pout. A mental foot stomp and arm thrash fight to escape into the physical, but I deep breath. Survive it, I tell myself. Be their mom.