10 Confessions of a Preoccupied Momma (Shh… Don’t Tell!)

In the midst of the headache that is transferring my blog to a new host so that I can self-manage, I find that my stress level has risen a tad-lots. If I could be one of those normal people who gets an idea and is ok with waiting to put that idea into action, life would be easy and potentially headache free.

But I’m not one of those normal people.

Once I get an idea, a plan instantly forms, and I become obsessed. It must be done immediately.

Examples of my inability to wait patiently include:

  • This pixie cut! I decided on Thursday that I wanted it, waited in agonizing misery until Friday afternoon, and then it was done.img_4407
  • Reorganizing my house. I am only content with the furniture situation in my house for about 5 minutes after it’s in place before I start mental moving it again. And then I physically move it. My husband comes home from work to a completely different house at least twice a month. He has learned not to question it anymore (although he still can’t figure out how my little arms manage to move such heavy pieces around the house).
  • And this blog. My love of writing began in grade school, and I have had dreams of writing a book since high school. Unfortunately, kids aren’t easy on the ambitions of a worn out momma. So here I am, jumping on the blog train, realizing that this is an amazing creative outlet for me. Also realizing that if I want my blog to be just a little legit, I should do the whole self-managing host kind of thing.

I’ve been dying to get it done, but kids…

…Ambitions, diapers, goals, homeschool… not exactly the ingredients for success soup. Take out the kids, diapers, and homeschooling- and you’ve got it made!

How do we do that?

Moms- when there’s something we really want to do for ourselves, we ignore our kids. We want to start a new blog, repurpose furniture, meal plan, paint bedroom walls- big, time consuming projects that, let’s face it, are as non-kid-friendly as enjoying a delish cocktail on a plane ride is (how is that, anyways?).

So yeah. To accomplish (any)things, we make decisions that would probably be frowned upon by 22-year-olds who haven’t bought tickets to the let’s-give-our-lives-meaning-and-have-kids cruise.

Here is my own, personal blacklist of things that I allow/do/encourage, that are most likely unacceptable by all good people, but I’m just too tired, preoccupied, or busy to care:

  1. I forget to feed my kids. At 11:00 I will gasp and make a quick dash to the freezer/microwave. Thank Jimmy Dean for pancake sausage sticks! (In my defense, they NEVER ask for food!)
  2. I force them to play on their iPads all day. And if they try to do something else, may the good Lord help them.
  3. I go days without making them brush their teeth. I don’t forget, I just don’t feel like messing with it.
  4. I will throw a towel over the spot of pee on their bed and leave it that way for a couple days. Gosh, people! Just until I’m ready to wash a load of laundry. I’m not a dirty person… I just have things to do!
  5. I let them keep their shoes on the wrong feet. All day. Bending down to fix it for them is hard sometimes, and letting them fix it themselves… well we already waited an extra 15 minutes for them to do it the wrong way. So that’s not gonna happen.
  6. I pretend I can’t hear them. I know you just asked me to come see your Lego tower, but… no. I shall say “huh” 100 times, instead. (How’s that for tasting your own medicine, kids?)
  7. I have my 5 and 2 year old boys watch the baby. Only for like 5 minutes while I take a shower! I skip shaving… give me a little credit!
  8. I absolutely refuse to give them chores. Because they’re 5 and 2. Who will end up “helping” them with said chores/ actually doing these made-up, unimportant tasks? Me. Good habits are great and all, but I’ve got better things to do… sometimes.
  9. I don’t let them pick wordy books at the library. Story time happens at bed time. Bed time is not a time for lots of words.
  10. I leave them in the bath tub for an hour. Or 2. So many things can get done while they play (in their own pee and dirt)!

Thank goodness kids are resilient! And remember- judging and mom shaming is a big no-no nowadays (thank goodness for that, too)!

*What do you do with your kids when you want to get something done? Let’s laugh about it together! Comment below!*


9 thoughts on “10 Confessions of a Preoccupied Momma (Shh… Don’t Tell!)

  1. AmberDea

    Seriously I love this and thank you for saying it out loud. Indoor plumbing for unneeding swimming lessons with toy sharks for hours are needed and yes a 4 year old can keep an eye on a one year old for 5 minutes while you run out to your garage fridge to get drinks cause you’ve not went to the grocery store in weeks because who wants to drag brats into public and try to do anything that involves thinking. #onedaymaybetomorrow #lovingyourblog

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  2. There are lots of good and reliable hosting sites out there. So welcome to your new host… 🙂 Just like me too, when my mind thinks of something, I really would want to get it done. One time, I was fixing some errors in CPanel, i did not realized that the kids were about to arrive home from school and i haven’t cooked for lunch. we ended up heading out for lunch in a nearby restaurant…. 🙂

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  3. Dana

    I love you and your honesty! We do a lot of tv watching… I know, “they” say not to, but it hasn’t hurt my kid’s vocabulary or social skills! Sometimes when she’s done watching tv, I tell her she can sweep the floor, “But don’t forget under the couches!” That takes up some time and she loves it. Hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pshh “they” are crazy and probably don’t have any kids! And I like that idea- actually making kids think they’re helping, but you’re really just getting a little break (that’s sort of my strategy when I send my boys to clean their room) 😂 Thanks, Dana!!


  4. Stephanie Forinash

    How about letting your almost 3 year old run around the house with no diaper on because you’re tired of trying to keep one on her? She’s not completely naked (she usually wears a t-shirt) and in my defense, I’m working on getting her to use the potty. I also let her wear pjs all day if we aren’t going anywhere. Also, holding my newborn in my arms in bed in the middle of the night and keep putting the binky back in his mouth so I don’t have to get up and make a bottle. Trust me, if he was actually hungry, the binky wouldn’t work anyway. He knows the difference between binky and bottle. I also use the microwave to heat up his bottle sometimes because the bottle warmer takes so long and my toddler is screaming for a cookie for the 4th time that day and hasn’t had anything substantial yet because she’s having one of those terrible eater days. Lastly, I went back to work so I get a break for 8 hours a day. It keeps me sane.


    1. Aw Stephanie! Sounds like a typical day in the life of a mom😊 PJs all day- definitely been there. And if mine would take a pacifier, you better believe I’d be using it!! I don’t blame you one bit for needing a break, kids are HARD!!


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